Tiger Acoustic Drum Kit

Tiger’s full size kits are a superb setup for beginners showing an interest in taking up the drums. The Tiger Drum Set provide you with everything to enter into the drumming world and are manufactured to high-spec standards.  

The drum set includes all of the gear that you need to get stuck into playing the drums including cymbals, drums, stool, hardware and drum key as well as the setup instructions for your kit. The cymbal stand is adjustable in order to be placed where comfortable to play as well as the stool being adjustable meaning that this will suit younger, smaller players as well (generally from 10+ years).


- Bass Drum: 22" x 16" - 6 Lugs
- Snare Drum: 14" x 5.5" - 8 Lugs
- Tom Drum: 12" x 10" - 12 Lugs
- Tom Drum: 13" x 11" - 12 Lugs
- Floor Tom: 16" x 16" - 12 Lugs
- Tiger 12" Hi-Hats
- Tiger 14" Crash
- Double braced 2" padded Drum Throne
- Double braced adjustable telescopic Cymbal Stand
- Double braced chain driven pedal Hi-Hat Stand
- Chain driven heavy duty Bass Drum Pedal with felt beater
- Tom arms with memory locks


Price: £100







Yamaha DD-9 Electronic Drum Kit 


Fantastic little drum machine that features 4 sensitive drum pads for practice or adding your own fills. You can assign 54 drum sounds or 20 sound effects to any pad and play your own unique rhythms. It has a built in speaker - or you can plug in headphones or run through an amp or PA. It also has 4 button pads that you can assign additional sounds too. If you just want to use it as a drum machine it has 100 present patterns or you can edit your own. Really cool little unit - comes with AA batteries but you can get an AC adapter for it.  Good condition.  

Region of Manufacture: Japan

Model: DD-9

Price: £20



Yamaha DD-65


8 touch-sensitive drum pads and real drum kit layout for easy playing. Angle of pads is specially designed for maximum ease of playing.

  • Eight touch sensitive drum pads plus two foot pedals
  • Connect CD, MD, or MP3 player to AUX IN jack, and play along with your favourite music
  • Wide variety of percussion sounds from all over the world
  • Flash ROM memory
  • Load MIDI songs from the internet via USB-MIDI interface, and play along


Price: £100








Yamaha DD55 7 Pad Digital Drum System


  • 7 touch-sensitive drum pads
  • Tempo control using tap start
  • Hand percussion with new latin drums allows natural playing using hands instead of sticks
  • 174 digitally-sampled percussion voices assignable to any pad
  • Two assignable foot pedals included, for kick, hi-hat or any other voice

Model: Yamaha DD55

Price: £60