• Height: 78cm
  • Width: 139cm
  • Depth: 42cm
  • Weight: 35kg (including stand)


  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Weight: Hammer-action keys
  • Touch Response: Normal, Low, High, Fixed


  • Default Voice: Grand Piano
  • Number of Voices: 16 stereo PCM voices
  • Maximum Polyphony: 64
  • Voice Functions: Split Mode, Dual Mode, Duet Mode
  • Reverb: 0-127
  • Chorus: 0-127
  • EQ: Bass 0-127, treble 0-127


  • Demo Songs: 8
  • Metronome: 9 time signatures, variable tempo (20-280bpm)
  • Recording: Stereo recording and playback, with two memory locations
  • Other Functions: Transpose


  • Speaker Output: 2x 10W RMS
  • Pedals: Sustain footswitch
  • Cabinet Style: Standard
  • Piano Lid: No
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
  • Inputs: Line input, sustain pedal
  • Outputs: Headphones, line output
  • Connectivity: USB, 5-pin MIDI


Price: £250

Model: Yamaha P-200


Outstanding Yamaha digital piano

Full range 88 key

Whether you're practicing at home, playing with the band, or doing a live solo performance, the Yamaha P series offers a range of models with just the features you need. All boast superb acoustic and electric piano voices along with a number of other essential instruments such as organs, bass, and even strings. And thanks to their GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard, the action on these digital pianos is as close to the real thing as you can get.

This digital stage piano also makes a great MIDI controller, look no further than the P-200. It has many of the outstanding piano features found in the P-120/P-120S plus a full array of MIDI control functions.

Price: £300

Piano Strohber

Fully restored in 2002, this very large American instrument has a quite stunning tone. The power and resonance have to be heard to appreciate, the touch/playability are excellent and very forgiving, it is not a difficult piano to play. The best description I could write would be that it sounds like a large grand piano, and a glance at the dimensions will give an idea why.


Type: Ebony


Size:H:145 W:165 D:69 cm

Price: £1750


S4 Multifunctional Electronic Keyboard MK-1000


  • Perfect starter keyboard for beginners - with microphone
  • Play along and sing to 10 backing tracks
  • Easily record your own compositions

Price: £ 20



Toyoma Piano

Full size modern upright, first class condition throughout, plays like new.


Type: Black gloss

Built: c2005

Size:H:125 W:152 D:60 cm

Price: £2250