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At Southampton Arts Academy we have a team with considerable expertise in teaching students with special needs. 

We believe that it shouldn't be any barriers for students with special needs or learning disabilities to attend our lessons lessons.

In fact, developing artistic and musical skills have been proved to be very beneficial in many cases.


At Southampton Arts Academy we are committed to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn and we have a very inclusive teaching approach.

Our members of staff have a flexible approach and will tailor the needs of our students taking into account that each student is unique and has a lot of potential.


We also offer tutoring for young students to support pupils with all school subjects, making Maths, English, Science and Languages more accessible and understandable to them.


We have experience teaching:


-Pupils with ADHD

-Pupils with severe and moderate learning difficulties

-Pupils with visual impairment or blindness

-Pupils with autism

-Pupils with Down Syndrome