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We run a Foreign Language carousel where we teach a different language every 6 weeks. (Spanish, French or Italian).  This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to get in touch with languages. Our teachers are all native speakers. They will start learning useful vocabulary and phrases and at the same time they will know more about these cultures.

The Language group currently takes place every Friday from 5 to 6 pm.

As part of the Pass scheme for children, you can enjoy your  Language group lessons and also attend other group lessons of different subjects included in the Pass.  See all the information about the Group pass here: All Groups Pass






We offer Spanish, French and Italian language courses. Different levels available.

If you are interested in attending lessons in a closed group with friends or family we can also arrange that for you.


Registration Fees:

Private Lessons

4 Private Lessons £120 £30 per lesson
12 Private Lessons £300 £25 per lesson

Group Lessons

4 Group Lessons £80 £20 per lesson
12 Group Lessons £180 £15 per lesson

Children Clubs (6 Group Lessons per Week)

4 Weeks Club Pass £120 £30 per week
12 Weeks Club Pass £240 £20 per week