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Web Development

Property Video Tour

The Dragon King of Persia

Length:  51  minutes
Broadcast  on  Voice  of  America  Television  2015

The Luthier

Documentary Film
Length:  34 minutes 
Broadcast  on  Voice  of  America  Television  2014 & 2016

Maqam Encyclopaedia

An online encyclopaedia of musical modes
Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
Established 2014


Rock Music album & Music Video

Wine of the Mystic

World Music album
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Far Close

Solo Piano Album

The Nest

Soundtrack, Poster for Film

Psychos In Me

Short Film

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Southampton Arts Academy was founded after twelve years of self-employed teaching by its founders, Dr. Hadisi and Mrs. Salimi, alumni of Music and Arts Faculties, University of Southampton. The principal teaching staff of Southampton Arts Academy are a group of professional artists and musicians who have been teaching in local schools, colleges and Southampton University.

Southampton Arts Academy ArtCourses

The Director, Dr. Hadisi (PhD, MMus Music Composition), is a professional composer and a Research Associate at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge. He has taught more than 200 private students in Southampton and with the experience of teaching in various capacities such as Teacher and Teaching Assistant of Composition at Southampton University. Hossein's postdoctoral research was on mythology and primitive dance and improvisation, which came to fruition in the stage work entitled "Zahhak: Dragon King of Persia". His current research at the University of Cambridge focuses on methods of improvisation in composition, which he uses in his teachings. He is also the founder and editor of Maqam Encyclopaedia Project at the faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, which is an online reference for Middle Easter musical modes. Dr. Hadisi oversees the curricula and monitors the progress of each learner together with the tutors.

The Manager, Mrs. Salimi (MA, Textile Design), is a stage and costume designer, media producer and artist. She runs all the lessons, workshops, recording sessions and events at Southampton Arts Academy. Pegah devises the timetables, registers the courses and liaises between the learners and the staff. 

Southampton Arts Academy ArtCourses


Web Development

Property Video Tour

The Dragon King of Persia

Length:  51  minutes
Broadcast  on  Voice  of  America  Television  2015

The Luthier

Documentary Film
Length:  34 minutes 
Broadcast  on  Voice  of  America  Television  2014 & 2016

Maqam Encyclopaedia

An online encyclopaedia of musical modes
Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
Established 2014


Rock Music album & Music Video

Wine of the Mystic

World Music album
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Far Close

Solo Piano Album

The Nest

Soundtrack, Poster for Film

Psychos In Me

Short Film