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RealTours Property Video and Photography Services


Video tours are the future of property sales & lettings. Watch our sample video.


High quality property video tours attract more viewers from further afield than ever before and deliver results. As video swiftly becomes the media of choice for forward thinkers across the board, those neglecting this powerful marketing tool risk being left behind. Fortunately, we offer professional, affordable video tour and photography packages to property professionals and private vendors.

Working with us you will:

  • Be ahead of the game, impressing buyers and sellers with a resourceful and visionary approach. Property video tours are a unique selling point giving you the edge over stiff competition.

  • Attract more buyers. Video tours work because they entertain as they inform and give a better feel for a property. Video tours are the next best thing to a real visit and often lead to serious viewings.

  • Broaden your market presence and influence. Buyers feel more confident travelling greater distances to view property they already feel familiar with. This is how video tours are opening up the international market.

 Video tours connect the spaces within each property giving a sense of flow. Combining lighting and technique, all the best spaces, features and facilities are highlighted to best showcase each property. Our video tours integrate seamlessly into your existing marketing strategy, enhancing the online presence of your own website whilst boosting your impact on other shared platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Video tours also reduce the time, effort and money spent on fruitless viewings. Buyers who book physical viewings after watching video tours are usually very keen as opposed to just politely interested. This benefits vendors, who experience less intrusion into their lives.

Services & Prices

We offer full video tours, photography services or a combination of both.

All our videos are shot and exported in Full HD (& other smaller formats for mobile phones, tablets, etc.). We use original background music with the option to add voice over, subtitles and your logo (watermark in the corner and in the beginning and the end of the video).

Once production of the video tour is complete, our in house coding experts ensure its seamless integration onto your preferred online platforms (company website, Rightmove, Zoopla)


1-10 properties: £100 per property

10-50 properties: £80 per property

50+ properties: £50 per property

About Us:

Based at the Southampton Arts Academy, we are a small team of highly qualified, experienced video producers and photographers, specialising in property video tours.

With a creative approach and full production facilities at our fingertips our goal is to provide affordable, fully comprehensive video tour and photography packages, with fast delivery of finished product.

We aim to build solid, lasting relationships with all our clients, hence ongoing support is an integral part of our service. As far as possible we customise our service to the specific needs of every client. Call now for an informal chat to find out how we can help you.