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Southampton Arts Academy is host to the Maqam Encyclopaedia, a project for Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge. Maqam Encyclopaedia is a digital collection of musical modes used in improvised music of Middles Eastern cultures. The interface allows the user to navigate between different versions of each mode, study its geographical distribution, compare different recordings or scores and read background information and analytical data about it. The user can also navigate between the modes in a multidimensional linked list. Neighbour modes are spaced according to the number and size of different intervals. This structure allows comparison between different cultures' application of similar modes and show all the available possible modulations between the available modes. Users can also contribute to the project by submitting their own recording or score of a modes to the wiki section of the website.

@@@@The Maqam Encyclopaedia project has now finished its phase one, collection of ardchive and data.