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Art workshops, Music Lessons, GCSE, A-Level and Language Courses in Southampton

Southampton Arts Academy provides Music Lessons, Art Workshops, GCSE, A-Level and Language Courses in Southampton. Our tutors are academics and alumni of the University of Southampton and University of Cambridge with more than 500 pupils in Southampton since 2007. We are committed to a high standard of teaching and professional service.

Our Private and Group Lessons can help you achieve your desired objective at your convenient pace. Whether you want to learn and enjoy casually or your ambition is to become a professional artists, a performing musician or get great marks for your exams, Southampton Arts Academy gives you the best environment and professional support to reach your goals.

Southampton Arts Academy offers special courses for Children (4-8), Youth (8-18), Adults (18-65), Seniors (65+) and Learners with Special Needs. Please feel free to book a FREE LESSON or CONTACT US for more information.

Southampton Arts Academy, Music Lessons, Art Workshops, GCSE, A-Level and Language Courses

Southampton Arts Academy is located in the prestigious Carlton Crescent area near local schools and government offices in Southampton City centre. The location is easily accessible on foot, by bike, bus, car or from Southampton Central train station with 2 hours free parking nearby. Our professional teaching rooms, recording studios, rehearsal rooms, study rooms, art studios and gallery provide an ideal location to learn.


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At our Photography Studio, we offer a variety of different packages to suit personal, family and professional needs. You can choose from our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages to choose your ideal portrait, family photo or professional portfolio shoot.


We offer different services including: Wedding studio photography, family portraits, photography with a music instrument for children, young and adult musicians, photography with babies and expecting mothers and much more...


You can take your all photos home in a USB or a DVD.



Check the value of our different packages, Silver, Gold and Platinum:












10 selected images enhanced on a DVD
5 Prints Size (10”x 12”)
All your photos on a DVD or USB
15 Selected Images Enhanced
10 Prints Size (10”x 8”)
One Canvas Print (40x60cm)
15 Prints Size (10”x12”)
5 Prints Size (12”x 16”)  
30   selected images enhanced      






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Whether you need a piano to continue your music practice and you do not have one at home, or you need a room to complete singing training; we can help you with our well equipped practice music rooms.

Let us know if you require any special equipment or instrument to enhance your practice.


Cost of the practice rooms hiring service:


-1 hour £10

-12 hours £100



Contact us to let you know when do you need any of the practice rooms and how many sessions would you like to purchase.

Registered music students from private  Music Classes and Music Groups are entitled to use our practice rooms with no extra cost depending on availability. 



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In Southampton Arts Academy you can now learn how to play two instruments in one lesson. 

Let us know your preferences and we can arrange a combined class where the first half of the lesson is dedicated to one instrument and the second half to a different one.

This lesson structure usually help students with different levels. It can be a first approach to two new instruments at an early stage or a way to combine your intermediate or advanced skills to become a more versatile, adaptable and multifaceted musician.




For more information check all our  Music Classes


At Southampton Arts Academy we offer a wide range of group lessons for children and adults.


Group lessons allow children to improve their musical, artistic and linguistic skills while they are learning with other pupils in a safe environment.

Group lessons usually take place after school and also on Saturdays.

 Music groups

Art groups

Maths and English groups

Language groups



There are also group lessons designed for adults who are interested in Arts, painting and drawing.

We regularly open other groups for adults in other subjects such as Music or Foreign Languages. Please contact us for more information about timetable, level of the course, registration, etc...